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Founded in 2006 as a spin-off company of the “Politecnico di Milano“, ISS srl operates in the field of industrial automation and produces robot guiding systems based on 3D vision.

“There is true progress only when the advantages of a new technology become for everyone”

This famous quote by Henry Ford inspired the long development path of 3D CPS systems as ISS released such a solution to the market not when it achieved reliability but only when it made it easy to use.


2010  ISS theorized about the virtual tray, i.e., the idea that one could eliminate the physical tray on which to neatly place objects by equipping the robot with the ability to pick them up directly from the container in which they are in bulk.

2012  ISS’s work takes the form of an initial solution that, by observing a scene, is able to find the objects in it and determine their placement so that a robot can pick them up.

The user, without writing lines of code but simply configuring the system, can find any object.

2015 ISS releases to the market the first version of the system that, in addition to finding objects in the scene, is able to choose which one to pick up, define the best pickup mode and guide the robot along collision-free paths to pick it up: 3D CPS 1.0.

The system is revolutionary: the robot programmer simply asks for an object (as if it were placed on a tray), the 3D CPS system picks it up from the pile autonomously. The concept of a virtual tray has moved from theory to reality.

2016  ISS releases upgrade/new release from 1.0 to 2.0.

2018  ISS releases a second version of the system (3D CPS 4.0) that is faster and even easier to use.

2019  3D CPS Fast is released, which introduces a three-dimensional scene surveying technique based on a stereoscopic system with pattern projection that is more accurate and faster than laser triangulation on small working fields.

Because of this, 3D CPS, in any version, is as easy to use as a tray (because the complexity of picking up from the container is entirely up to the system) and is as flexible as a human operator (in that by configuring the system it finds and chooses any object of defined shape).

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