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The solution for cassette picking: high scanning speed and easy integration.

The solution for cassette picking: high scanning speed and easy integration.

3D CPS FAST was born with the idea of expanding the scope of Bin Picking to the assembly world.

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It was therefore developed with the idea of minimizing cycle times and being able to get to having robots handle a part every 4/5 s:

  • Vision system based on stereoscopy with structured light, guarantees scan times < 1 s;
  • Exploits a light projector outside the visible range: invisible to the operator and causes no discomfort;
  • Can handle more than one cassette simultaneously by handling different details;
  • Developed to be fully compatible with other 3D CPS systems integrates all functions;
  • Small size and weight.
Typical working range (Xu-Zu) x Lenght 400mm x 600 mm
Zu 200 mm
Minimum working distance (Zmin) 800 mm
Vertical resolution(Rz) 0,17 mm ÷ 025 mm
Lateral resolution (Rx) 0,52 mm ÷ 0,80 mm
Scan speed 0.8 s
3D Vision Structured light
Camera Resolution 2064 x 1544 (3,1 Mpixel)
Laser wavelenght  –
Led wavelenght 808 ± 5 nm
Laser class
Laser type
Robot interface Gigabit Ethernet, TPC/IP with open protocol
Motor interface
Weight 2 kg
Machine size 420 mm x 170 mm x 90 mm
PC size 180 mm x 250 mm x 130 mm
Degree of protection Vision system IP 40,
Industrial PC to be installed
in the framework
Environmental operating conditions 0 ÷ 40 °C
Power supply DC 24 V
Maximum current 3D Vision: 4 A
Industrial PC: 5 A
Data processing time 1,5s from the end of the scan to the provision of
the first useful path (TYPICAL VALUE), which can be maskedusing the CTO function (Cycle Time Optimization)

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