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3D CPS 4.0

The evolution of Bin Picking is called 3D CPS 4.0

The evolution of Bin Picking is called 3D CPS 4.0

the reference in the world of robot guidance for bin picking, developed with the goal of providing system integrators with a tool that puts them in a position to manage new applications in complete autonomy.

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It integrates within itself all the features needed to enable fast and reliable set-up of bin picking applications:

  • Reliable laser triangulation vision system in the widest range of environmental light conditions;
  • Expanded working range to cover even more than the single bin and work with large robots;
  • Pre-calibrated scanning unit with high degree of protection to work in poorly cleaned environments;
  • Reliable and robust industrial PC-based processing unit;
  • Integrates advanced features that enable the system to handle abnormal situations during bin emptying;
  • Ability to independently manage accurate part recovery;
  • Different versions available to cover the widest range of applications.

3D CPS 4.0 adds to the capabilities of 3D CPS 4.0 the ability to manage independent work areas by implementing the dual vision system.

All versions of 3D CPS 4.0 can be supplied as FAST versions.

The 3D CPS 4.0 has a trapezoidal field of view (FOV) that includes the triangular effective working field.

3D CPS 4.0 S 3D CPS 4.0 L 3D CPS 4.0 XL
Typical working range (Xu-Zu) Xu 1000 mm
Zu 750 mm
Xu 1000 mm
Zu 750 mm
Xu 1000 mm
Zu 750 mm
Minimum working distance (Zmin) 900/1300 mm 1800 mm 2600 mm
Vertical resolution (Rz) 0,18 mm ÷ 034 mm 0,65 mm ÷ 1,28 mm 0,65 mm ÷ 1,28 mm
Lateral resolution (Rx) 0,29 mm ÷ 0,42 mm 0,60 mm ÷ 0,86 mm 0,60 mm ÷ 0,86 mm
Resolution (Ry) 0,21 mm ÷ 0,38 mm 0,58 mm ÷ 0,98 mm 0,58 mm ÷ 0,98 mm
Scanning speed 400 profili 3D/s 400 profili 3D/s 400 profili 3D/s
3D CPS 4.0
3D Vision Laser triangulation
Camera Resolution 2048 x 1088 (2,2 Mpixel
Laser wavelenght 405 ± 5 nm  – 658 ± 5 nm658 ± 5 nm
Led wavelenght  –
Laser class 3B seconda la CEI EN 60825 – 1:2014
Laser type Continuos emission LED
Robot interface Gigabit Ethernet, TPC/IP with open protocol
Motor interface
Weight 15 kg
Machine size 570 mm x 260 mm x 200 mm
PC size 180 mm x 250 mm x 130 mm
Degree of protection Vision sistem: IP 54,
Industrial PC to be installed

in the framework

Environmental operationg conditions 0 ÷ 40 °C
Power supply DC 24 V separate power supply circuitfor the laser so to allow

it to be turned off by emergency circuit

Maximum current 3D Vision: 4 A
Industrial PC: 5 A
Data processing time 2,5 s from the end of the scan to the provision

of the first useful path (TYPICAL VALUE), which can be

masked using CTO function (Cycle Time Optimization)

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