Bin Picking applied to machine tool servicing

One of the main applications of robotic bin picking is in the servicing of processing machines. Blanks to be processed often arrive at the machining islands arranged in bulk in totes or bins. Until now, the loading of the machine tool has been left to the operator or to mechanical orientation systems that either bring the workpiece directly to the machine or hand a robot the workpiece always in the same position.

Both solutions have major disadvantages.

The first forces the operator to do wearisome as well as alienating and extremely repetitive work.
The second, on the other hand, involves the use of mechanical systems that are expensive and noisy, as well as extremely rigid because their operation is a function of the geometric characteristics of the part for which they are designed.

With 3D CPS, it is possible to have an extremely flexible system that allows you to take advantage of the great flexibility of anthropomorphic robots greatly underutilized when they are applied to mechanical orientation systems.
Format change with 3D CPS becomes a recipe change!

3D CPS also offers the possibility of relieving operators of wearing and repetitive work by ensuring a better working environment combined with high cost-effectiveness.

The effectiveness of the system in terms of accuracy and computational speed have also enabled it to approach the monde of Transfer.

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