Welcome to the era of Intelligente Bin Picking

Bin Picking allows you to avoid costly and rigid mechanical part orientation systems and relieve the operator of repetitive and wearing work.

With 3D CPS systems, the part model set is compared and searched within the point cloud regardless of object color and normal ambient lighting conditions.

They also make it possible for the robot to pick up each part while avoiding collisions with the surroundings, the bin, and other parts within the bin itself.


Management of different situations


Management of unpredictable cases


Complete with all driving functions

Test Center: We test and implement the random bin-picking application for you

Bin Picking is a truly “meta-discipline.”

It is essential that the vision system, the management of gripping poses, the robot route plans, and the efficiency of the picking tools are all optimal for the application. Solid experience and constant experimental activity are essential for the development of robust and easily reconfigurable applications.

That is why at ISS we always have several robot islands available and equipped with our CPS 3D robot guiding systems.

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